Entire Book Club Admits to Suffering From Seasonal Affective Disorder

When Jen Wyatt confessed to her book club that Seasonal Affective Disorder had prevented her from reading February’s book selection, she was shocked to discover all twelve members had shared the same battle. Jen said that the monthly meeting of the Park Slope club had been “Almost silent,” until her admission “empowered all the women to share their exact same truth.” 


“I’m so depressed, it’s hard to concentrate on an entire book,” says Linda Grey. “I can only read outside, but I haven’t been able to leave my house in six days.”



Danielle Mason says, “I wouldn’t have even come to the meeting if it weren’t for Nora’s picture window. My apartment is dark and I need the Vitamin D.”


In a follow-up email to the group, member Barbara Waterson explained that she couldn’t make it to the meeting due to the increasing length of her afternoon naps.


The March meeting has yet to be scheduled.