This Woman is Ditching Her Car to Go Green and Because She Has $700 in Unpaid Parking Tickets

LA resident Allison Cheney is putting the environment first by ditching her car for greener forms of transit. And according to her, this means she doesn’t have to pay the $700 she’s wracked up in parking tickets.


“Did you know that motor vehicles contribute 75 percent of the county’s carbon monoxide pollution?” she asks. “Also, I googled it, and if I don’t pay those tickets, the worst they’re going to do is put a hold on my tags, which won’t matter if I give up my car. We all must do our part to save the environment.”


Allison has gotten various different types of parking tickets throughout her time in LA, but it wasn’t until she realized she’d owed over $700 that she suddenly had the epiphany to “go green”.


“We only have one earth,” she says. “It feels so good to help the environment in a big way and yeah, as an added bonus I can get out of this crippling ticket debt. But it’s mostly about the environment for sure.”


We spoke to a representative from the DMV who wasn’t so sure Cheney’s plan would work.


“No, that’s not how that works,” she says. “She’ll definitely still have to pay her tickets.”


Cheney has already make plans for how she’ll get around without a car, although she hasn’t totally worked out all the kinks.


“Well I can ride my bike to go to spin class…but then I might be too tired to spin,” she says. “Maybe I’ll just Uber or ask a friend to drive me. God it feels so good to give back!”


Cheney is excitedly looking ahead to her future – one with cleaner emissions and a more balanced bank account.



“People don’t realize that helping the environment can actually save them money,” she says. “I’m killing two birds with one stone! But oh my god I would never hit a bird with a stone. Did you know you can be fined for that?”


Thanks for making the world a better place Allison!