Inspiring: This Couple Has Been Married For Ten Years, And They’re Still Releasing Wedding Photos

While you might think that months or even years of marriage might diminish the passion a couple has for releasing wedding photos, this husband and wife have been able to keep the spark alive. That’s right: over ten years after they exchanged vows, Cristina and John Havelka are still posting new, previously unreleased photos from their wedding in 2007.


We’re simply in awe of the love we’re pretty sure they still have for each other!


Believe it or not, one or both Havelkas have managed to upload a new wedding photo to social media every other month or so, ever since Facebook photo sharing became available. The couple somehow manages to relate every single life event, holiday and friend’s birthday back to their wedding, in a banquet hall off of Route 93, so many years ago.


“My wedding was the best day of my life,” says Mrs. Havelka. “I was so sad when it was over. Then we got thousands of unedited proofs back and I realized I could roll them out slowly over the course of a decade or two. I basically still talk about my wedding every day so I’m always finding fun ways to make people think about it again.”


Friends used to be annoyed that they had to keep looking at old photos that featured their former spouses, weights and haircuts, but now they’re mostly just impressed.


“I am amazed that they still have new photos to release,” says Shauna Maulker, who was a bridesmaid at the wedding. “Every time I think, ‘that must have been the last one,’ there’s a new picture, usually one where I’m eating in the background next to my now ex-husband. Sometimes, they’ll release an entire new album. Honestly, how??”


It’s true that recent releases have been a little more creative, with Mr. Havelka posting a picture of the caesar salad served at the reception dinner to Facebook, while his wife Instagrammed a photo of herself with her cousin Jessa, to whom she’s no longer speaking.


Couples who have been more recently wedded than the Havelkas might wonder how the couple has found the stamina and commitment to continue relentlessly documenting their wedding for so long.


“Sure, there are days when I think that I can’t do it anymore, that there are just no more pics to post,” admits Mrs. Havelka. “But when you’re married, you’re always finding new ways to remind people that you’re married and that you had a beautiful wedding.”



As for the Havelkas’ children, currently five and three years old, current estimates suggest that hilarious naked baby photos will continue to debut on the internet for the next 40 years.