This Iconic Cast Just Reunited and Usually We’d be All Over This, But is Now Really the Time?  

‘90s babies rejoice! The cast of everyone’s favorite sitcom FINALLY reunited after all these years! Usually, we’d be all over this, but we have to ask: Is smack in the middle of an ongoing pandemic really the time for a reunion like this?


Do we really have a right to enjoy anything so frivolous any more?


The cast reportedly gathered at one of their Hollywood Hills homes on Thursday night. From the ADORBS selfie they snapped, it’s VERY clear that wine was drunk. It’s also VERY clear that every ICONIC person in this picture is ignoring the 6-foot social distancing guidelines, there’s not a mask in sight, and they’re all indoors in a county where 49 people had died from Covid that very day!


It was definitely an EXCITING night for nostalgic fans and respiratory droplets alike!


The selfie was posted with the caption: “So nice to see these cuties after so long in quarantine!” While that message is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS, it also sends the message that the pandemic is over, a lie that is incredibly DANGEROUS and IRRESPONSIBLE for celebrities to send to their millions of fans!


The dishes in the background also raise a few questions; what SUPER TRENDY Los Angeles restaurant did they order from??? What did they eat??? How many support staff were involved in making this long-awaited reunion happen??? Do those people have health insurance?? Were there measures in place to ensure their safety??? Etc.



Should we all just kind of not do this right now? Thoughts? Anybody?


And while the photo is undeniably FLAWLESS and we have no choice but to stan, its appearance in the context of 2020’s racial unrest makes us wonder whether we should in fact choose not to stan. Considering how so many industries, including the entertainment industry, have come under fire for their lack of commitment to racial justice and diverse hiring practices, we have to wonder whether now is the best time for an all-white cast to be celebrating themselves. Also, why are we participating? Haha.


But we know what you’re wondering: does this get-together mean that a reboot is around the corner??? As long as it happens over Zoom and/or in 2024, we are SHAKING with excitement. But also a little conflicted, not gonna lie!!


Whether or not this reunion is a sign of more to come, we can say with confidence that it gave us ALL THE FEELS, and the main feels were concern about Coronavirus safety and existential dread.