Critically Acclaimed TV Shows That Aren’t Nearly as Captivating as a Soundless Video of How Fruit Roll-Ups Are Made

In this era of peak television, there are so many shows out there exemplifying the art of storytelling. But none are as captivating as a soundless video of how Fruit Roll-Ups are made. The image of that machine that loading up trays of goo that will later harden into roll ups? Incredible. Here are some amazing shows that still won’t even come close to that shit:



Critics love this love letter to the culture of African Americans in Atlanta. And Donald Glover’s is engaging, as a young man trying to make it on the rap scene. But still, it won’t hold your focus like that soothing roll up machine. You can’t take your eyes off it. You don’t even need sound.


Breaking Bad

A dark look at our country’s meth problem, this show keeps viewers (and critics!) on the edge of their seat. But it will never draw you in as much as a stainless steel blade coming down to slice a flat fruit snack and it’s accompanying plastic wrapper.



Based on a British series, this “masterful comedy” finds humor in the ploys of terrible politicians. But no matter how much Selena Meyers gets you laughing, she won’t have your eyes glazed over like all those little rolls, getting neatly and perfectly rolled up, without a sound. Haunting…



The Americans

A “spy thriller of the highest order,” critics love the period touches and the strong chemistry between the two leads. But even knowing that Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell are now together in real life, won’t keep you as engrossed as seeing that foil wrapper pressed neatly closed, over and over and over again.


Sure, twists and turns are fun, but what about the solid beauty of a factory-made treat? That’s something these shows can’t give you.