This Coy Woman Is Playfully Touching The Bottom Of Her Boyfriend’s Shorts In Public As If We Don’t Know She’s A Big Ol’ Sex Maniac

After an afternoon of shopping around the city Sunday, India McKinney was spotted playfully tugging at her boyfriend’s shorts on the train ride home like all of us aren’t guessing that she’s a big ol’ sex maniac.


Though attempting to seem playful and coy to onlookers, everyone knows McKinney is really tugging at those shorts because she’s obviously a saucy minx who loves to fuck.


“Today was fun,” McKinney was overheard saying to her boyfriend.


“It’s obvious she wants to go straight home and fuck,” said Jennifer Albanese, a passenger sitting next to McKinney and her boyfriend. “Does she think she’s being subtle? She touching his shorts like some kind of freaky sex addict!”



Nothing she’s said has been inherently sexual, however her body language and affection made it blatantly apparent to all that she’s a lil’ nasty freak who’s down for whatever and we mean WHATEVER, you know?


“It’s just been a really exciting day with Ethan and I can’t wait to get home and… relax,” McKinney said while winking and tracing a heart on her boyfriend’s leg like a greedy sex monster.


A group of showtime performers were seen getting on their train and starting to play some music. Before beginning their performance they noticed McKinney getting a little too amped up, snuggling her head into her boyfriend’s shoulder while looping her index finger through his belt loop, and decided to just stop and move to the next car.


When asked for a comment, McKinney’s boyfriend said, “Oh yeah, pretty sure she’s ready to fuck.”