Things To Do With That Girl Who Thinks You’re Way Better Friends Than You Are

Friends - Reductress

Girlfriends are the best! Except when they’re convinced you two are “like, the same person!” the second time you meet! Here’s some stuff to do when you’re tired of evading that girl’s texts asking, “Why haven’t we hung out yet? :(”


Take a walk in the park together!

She’ll buy you an ice cream bar and get weird when you offer to pay, but you’ll get to take in some nature and space out while she’s talking. Just keep moving and you’ll avoid her shoulder rubs.


Go to the movies!

While it’s not the best place for a real, romantic date, it’s perfect when you really, really don’t want to talk to someone. See a late show and tell her you have work the next day to avoid the post-movie drink where she tells you how her ex “couldn’t get it up after he went on Celexa.”



Have coffee at your least favorite coffee shop!

The erratic hours and slightly uncomfortable chairs will actually help you out here, especially after she starts calling it “our place”! Fortunately, it closes at 3pm on Tuesdays.


Lose her in a loud, busy dive bar!

McGinty’s Dollar Drinks Happy Hour attracts loud college students by the hundreds, and any conversation will be drowned out by their terrible mash-up of Flogging Molly and Rihanna. It’s a miserable place, but still more interesting than your Best Friend For Never!


Avoid her at the house party you didn’t actually invite her to!

She “read about it on your feed,” but don’t panic –  make the best of it! Just let her know that you can’t talk because you’re REALLY busy making drinks or trying to flirt with Jason from work. There’s a good chance she’ll bump into that friend of yours who will ask if she’s “the creepy one” who’s trying to “Single White Female” you!


With these tips, you’ll be able to keep her happy AND at a safe distance!