These Hot Summer Hair Color Trends are Everywhere Including My Boyfriend’s Bed

When it comes to hair, this summer is all about buttery blondes, warm brunettes, and bright, bold reds. These hot hair hues will seem like they’re on every girl’s head this summer – except for the few strands that somehow ended up in my boyfriend’s bed. What the hell?


Soft Black

This bold, black hair will be hard to not notice! Especially since my boyfriend has pure white sheets and it’s pretty much sitting there on his pillow like someone planted it at a crime scene. This sleek shade creates a bold look, not for the faint of heart. It’s also pretty bold of my boyfriend to say it’s his hair, since it’s a good four inches longer than his and at least three shades darker. Does he think I’m dumb? Do you?



Light Golden Toffee Blonde

This natural-looking shade looks blonde, even though it isn’t blonde. It’s also not mine. It’s the perfect shade for natural dark-brunettes who want to achieve a summery hue without having to strip their hair. I don’t have dark brown hair, so there’s no way this light golden toffee blonde hair I found on my boyfriend’s sheets came from me. Perfect for summer, I guess.



While pastels have been everywhere, I haven’t seen any in my boyfriend’s bed. That is, until this peach look that works especially well with sun-kissed skin ended up in boyfriend’s sheets somehow. He’s definitely bringing girls over, right? Like, the only way it got there is because some other girl was in his bed? Anyway, if you’re going for a peach hair, remember the only rule of pastels is to have fun! Just not with my boyfriend, preferably! Please. Please don’t do that.



Is it blonde or is it orange? It’s hard to tell! Just like it’s hard to tell if my boyfriend is lying or not when he says he doesn’t know where all this random dyed hair is coming from. Like he’s either cheating, or he has some sort of freaky hair collection that he keeps in his bed. I also found an earring and a hair tie. Seriously, how many girls is my boyfriend bringing back here?


Remember, summer hair trends are all about warmth, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be icily cold towards my boyfriend for the next two months.