There’s No Way ‘Love Is Blind’ Works—but Should I Apply Just to Make Sure?

The Netflix original dating show Love is Blind is back for another season, but looking back on the last season and how so few of the couples survived, I think it’s safe to say that the show doesn’t really work– but should I apply to be a contestant next season just to make sure?


It’s not like I’m desperate enough to go on a Netflix dating show where you get engaged to someone within two months of meeting them. I obviously just want to apply for research purposes, and literally nothing else!


Sure, I haven’t really had any luck with the dating pool for the last few years, but it’s not like that’s influencing my possible decision to go on the show. I’m only interested because I want to see what really goes on behind the scenes and also in my love life if I get to meet a bunch of random singles on the other side of a big wall.


It seems pretty clear that Love Is Blind doesn’t really help people find “the one”, but how do I know for sure unless I consistently apply until I make it onto the show, however long it takes?



If I ended up going on the show, finding love, getting engaged, meeting my fiancé in person, getting married, and then staying together years later, then I’d know for sure that the show is really all it’s cracked up to me, and that’s literally the only reason why I bought all the equipment necessary for filming a self-tape to send in to the producers.


It’s not like I wanna go on the show to “find love” or “start a family” or “get someone to really love me for me” or anything like that. That’s obviously so dumb, but if I went on the show and found all of those things, then that would just be an added bonus on top of getting to the bottom of the whole Love is Blind process!


Also, wouldn’t the showrunners like having someone on who’s skeptical of the whole thing? I think it’s really something worth considering, just in case any of them are reading this right now.


So yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious that Love is Blind doesn’t really work, except for that one couple last season but I think that was honestly just based on pure luck. However, I won’t know for sure unless I apply and become a contestant next season. It’s called keeping an open mind!