Tenth Anniversary Gifts That Say, ‘It’s Been Cool Hanging Out With You’

Ten years is a long time for anything, especially a relationship! After a full decade of putting in the work and staying together, you’ll want to celebrate with a gift fitting for the occasion. Here’s the best ten-year anniversary presents that say, “So, it’s been cool hanging out with you.”


Flannel Shirt

Ten years facing joys and challenges together is a long time; so long that their first-date flannel is now threadbare. And while each hole reminds you of days spent together loving and learning, it’s time buy a new flannel in a gesture that says, “It’s been nice getting to know you.”


Novelty Mug

A funny mug is the perfect addition to the morning coffee in bed you’ve had together every day for ten years. With a silly slogan like, “Coffee Makes Me Poop” or “This May Contain Vodka,” you’ll show your fun side without getting too vulnerable. It’s a perfect way to remind them on this special day, “Our relationship’s lasted longer than the lifespan of a St. Bernard, which is cool.”


Hemp Bracelet

Diamonds are forever, but hemp is one of the most sustainable and underutilized organic resources. Never mind that the in the past ten years, you’ve seen yourself grow into a person you never thought you could be, simultaneously becoming more enmeshed in another’s life and more attuned to your own. A cute little braided bracelet will tell them, “This has been like, super fun, buddy.”



The Complete Die Hard Franchise On DVD

If movie night’s your thing, a sick set of DVDs is a perfect ten-year anniversary gift that can’t be read into too much! Commemorate all those years of playfully arguing over what movie to watch on a cozy night in with a fitting gift that also doesn’t seem too relationship-y. Sure, it’s been ten years, but don’t go and make things weird! This action classic is fun and campy enough to make it clear you still really need a lot of space, but honestly, this has been so, so dope.


Follow this gift guide to guarantee a celebration that says, “This has been real cool, whatever it is.” Maybe for your twentieth, you’ll be ready for a gift that asks, “So, what are we?”