5 Female Revenge Novels That Will Make Your Husband Nervous

Since the hit novel Gone Girl popularized dark tales of suburban marriage gone wrong, women have searched for equally twisted thrillers to get their ideas from. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of similar bestsellers that will make your husband very nervous. These five female revenge novels—packed with sex, lies and murder—should keep him up all night wondering if you’re planning something against him. You aren’t really plotting anything, though…right?


Girl on the Train

Girl on the Train tells the story of a divorcee who struggles to make sense of a murder and the mess of her own mind. As you tear through this gripping read, your husband will glance at you nervously and wonder what exactly you find so compelling about a woman who may or may not have killed someone. “I don’t know whether [people] see me for what I really am,” says the protagonist, Rachel. Tell your husband you really relate to this to make him question everything. Maybe you never really liked being president of the PTA, or maybe you want to murder him. It’s good to keep him guessing!


The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife is more than just a novel about a wife who murders her cheating spouse. It’s also a deeply disturbing study of revenge that will make your husband feel weird around you, like you’re enjoying this stuff a little too much. He’ll have so many questions after watching you devour A.S.A. Harrison’s psychological thriller, from “Uh oh?” to “Is this how my wife feels?” and “Why is she laughing like that while she reads?” Scary!



Dirty Weekend

Somehow both sick and brutally funny, Dirty Weekend follows a woman named Bella as she kills seven men. Read this book in bed next to your husband and intermittently say “Wow! She killed another one!” You’ll stay up all night turning page after page while he stays up all night figuring out if he should be scared of you. By the time you finish this violent revenge story, your husband will offer to do all the grocery shopping from now on. And just to be safe, he’ll bring home the exact brand of sour cream you asked for instead of the shitty store brand version.


The Daylight Marriage

The Daylight Marriage is a fast-paced book about a secretive woman that will make your husband skittish as you chop peppers for dinner with a huge knife. Your fascination with murderous wives is beginning to make him suspicious, which means it’s working. To up the ante, casually leave your copy of Heidi Pitlor’s mystery all around the house, from the kitchen counter to the bedroom. You can even place it directly in the toilet to let your husband know you don’t care about reading the book at all, you just want to scare him. He’ll be making you delicious risottos for dinner every night. Every. Night.


The Good Neighbor

In this novel, a tragic death occurs in a quiet neighborhood and everyone suspects each other. After reading all four preceding books on this list without blinking, your husband may even suspect you of committing this fictitious murder. But maybe he’s the one who really did it. After all, can we ever trust the ones we love?


These gripping page-turners about unhappy women will have your man second-guessing everything he thought he knew about you. Pick one up at your local bookstore today!