Study Suggests You Should Take a Bath and Then See How You Feel

A new study out of Purdue University indicates that there’s just a lot of shit going on at the moment and people are really feeling it, so you should probably just go take a bath and see how you feel after.


Eryn Dean, head of the study, says that researchers found ongoing evidence for the effectiveness of taking a bath before anything else.


“More than anything else, you really might wanna just get in the bathtub right now,” he explains. “Sure, it seems like something your Grandma would recommend, but there’s a reason your Grandma survived the depression and a World War.


Eleanor, your grandmother, agrees.


“Get in that hot tub and see how you feel after. Worst case, you’re cleaner.”


Many study participants were skeptical at first but found the treatment of getting in the bath and seeing how they felt after to be therapeutic.


“The bath always kind of puts things in perspective,” says Melinda Santos. “Sometimes my problems fade away in there and sometimes I am able to sit with my pain and acknowledge that it is a big deal. The bath really lets me know how I feel.”


Asked how they quantified this research, Dean was vague.


“Just take a bath and see how you feel.”