Six Ways to Humor Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Flowers - Reductress

Mother’s Day comes but once a year. Because it’s technically “her day,” you don’t really have much of a choice but to give in and humor her for this one day. Here are six ways you can go along with the dumb things your mom likes to do this Mother’s Day.


1. Wear Matching Hats

Moms love hats that keep the sun out of their eyes while admiring the plant life outside or visiting an indoor museum. These are usually strangely shaped straw hats that are incredibly unfashionable, but “who cares how you look? You don’t want skin cancer!” Just humor her and wear one.


2. Mother/Daughter Spa Day

Mom wants nothing more than to be close to her kids on Mother’s Day (except for bragging to other moms about her kids). Going to a spa is a huge indulgence, and Mom considers it the ultimate bonding experience because she can talk about how new and exciting and indulgent it is. Then you can awkwardly sit with Mom naked in the steam room afterwards, because, “Who cares? We’ve all got the same parts!”



3. Say Something Nice About Everyone at the Table

During brunch or dinner, mom would love for everyone to go around and share something nice about each other. This not only takes a long time, but also reminds your mom about the loving people she selflessly churned out of her body. Try to get really sentimental and squeeze out some tears. Tears are like $100 bills to moms.


4. Extended Hugs

Today is the one day of the year you have to let Mom hug you for a long time. Moms recharge their batteries on contact with their kids, so unless you want her to have an emotional meltdown and send you on a guilt trip that will take months to bounce back from, humor your mom and just stand there as long as it takes. AS LONG AS IT TAKES.


5.  Take a Multi-Generational Photo

A photo with as many generations of mothers and women as possible is a must on Mother’s Day. Get Grandma in there, get cousin Shelley’s weird new baby in there, every woman! Moms need to brag about being a mom, so this photo is kinda like a gold medal. Humor your mom and put your arm around Shelley.


6. Pick on Dad

Nothing makes Mom happier than ganging up against Dad. She’s tired of picking up after him, so forming an army against the patriarchy is just the relief she’s looking for on Mother’s Day. Humor your mom and tell her she’s better than Dad, then throw a napkin at Dad and let the whole family have a fun laugh about it. Tell Dad you’re sorry later.


Above all, remember, Mother’s Day is about mom and whatever she likes goes – even if it’s involves cooking up some kind of gross Weight Watcher’s recipe.