Six Healthy Snacks That Fit In That Tiny Underwear Pocket!

Sometimes hunger strikes when you don’t have easy access to your fridge. And even if you do find a snack on the go, where do you put it? Your purse is full of tampons and money! Don’t despair—put that little cotton lining of the crotch of your panties to good use and store a healthy snack underneath!


Mixed Nuts

Nuts are chock full of healthy fat and protein, portable, and an all-star snack. Plus, what gal doesn’t like having a couple of nuts nestled up next to her lady parts? Anytime you’re feeling a little famished, reach down in your drawers and pull out a little nibble. Nothing like some warm nuts to sustain you through a busy afternoon!




These little fishies are high in protein, flavor, and have omega-3s to boot. They’re sure to tide you over when you start dragging just before dinner. If anyone asks what that smell is, you’ll have a great excuse to share your stash! Fill your underwear with sardines.


Low-Fat String Cheese

If fish isn’t your thing, you can still get all that savory goodness with this portable, protein-packed snack. Peel yourself off little nibbles throughout the day! Who doesn’t love a little cheese break?



Berries contain awesome antioxidants that will make you glow from the inside of your underwear, out. Just be sure not to crush them with your cooch! Maybe wear a pad, just in case.


Candy Corn

Mmm these little treats are a fall favorite, and the perfect way to indulge. Sure they’re high in sugar, but you’re blessed with the portion-controlling limits of your underwear pocket. So go ahead and fill ‘er up with delicious corns!




Although “snack” generally refers to a food item, but you’re bloated enough as shit without snacking and this PMS staple is poon-pouch perfect! You can’t afford to add any more visual bulk with an unsightly bulge in your jeans pocket, so that underwear is the perfect place to store your emergency ration.


You were born to snack, girl, and now you can do it whenever the urge strikes! Perfectly portioned, delicious food is as easy as digging in your unmentionables. Whenever hunger strikes, just discreetly reach down and get the nourishment you need to keep kicking ass!