Classic Song Lyrics I Replaced With the Word ‘Dad’

From crowd-pleasing 90s hits to the hottest songs of today, I’ve gone through and replaced some classic lyrics with the meaningless, insignificant word “dad”! Why? Because dads deserve to feel included, too! I love dads. You should, too!


Let’s start dad-ing up these daddy ditties!


“Bye, Bye, Bye” by N*SYNC

Throwback City, population us! Hoo boy, this one is a real oldie-but-goodie. Let’s see what it’d be like if we threw the word “dad” in there to make all the dads out there feel the love.



I know that I can’t dad no more,

It ain’t dad lie

I wanna see you dad that dad

Daddy, dad, dad, dad…


Wow! Is that catchy or is that catchy? Your dad will love this song.


“Wonderwall” by Oasis

Here’s a classic 90s song for all the 90s dads there! Let’s dad-ify this little number.


I dad maybe,

You’re gonna be the dad that saves dad.

And dadfter all,

You’re dad wonderdad.


Wow! That song sure is about dads now.


“Ride Wit Me” by Nelly

We all knew the words to this rap hit back in 2000. It’s time to bring it back! With just a few simple changes, I’ve upgraded this bad boy to a dad boy!


If you wanna go and take a ride with dad,

With three daddies in the fo’, they’re the gold D’s,

Oh why must dad feel this way?

Hey! Must be my daddy!


Neat! This one’s cool because the gold D’s can represent golden dads if you want them to, and I do.



“Losing My Religion” by REM

Ugh, don’t make me cry! This song is so effing deep, right? I always find it super fun to throw the word “dad” in there, just as an experiment. Let’s try it out!


That’s Dad in the corner,

That’s Dad in the spotlight,

Losing his religion.

Trying to keep up with Dad,

And I don’t know if Dad can do it,

Oh no I said too much,

Dad hasn’t said enough.


I thought that I heard Dad laughing,

I thought that I heard Dad sing,

I think I thought I saw Dad try.


Haha, what the heck! This song sounds weird and relatable when you put the word “dad” in it. REM should just start calling themselves DAD! Ha ha.


“Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift

Oh baby, bring out the T-Swizzle! Tay-Tay is your fave and she could be your dad’s fave, too! Right? Uh-oh, here comes one now!


‘Cause daddy now we got dad blood,

You know it used to be mad dad,

So take a look at what dad’s done,

‘Cause daddy now we got dad blood



I personally don’t have a dad, but if I did I bet he would love to sing along to this with me!


So there you have it: the greatest hits of yesterday and today with the word “dad” thrown in! If you know my dad, please show it to him and let me know if he likes them!!! Ha ha.