Siren Vibes? This Woman Flirts by Pretending to Be an Ambulance

In a loud and unsettling story out of Seattle, WA, 24-year-old Rita Lawson has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘sexy siren’ by enticing men with her charm and her uncanny imitation of an ambulance.


Get it, girl! Make sure everyone stops talking while you pass by!


“Capturing men’s attention is never hard for me,” Rita told us, “mostly because they can’t help but turn their heads when I walk by with most of my body painted white, ambulance lights taped to my head, screaming ‘Wee woo wee woo’ at the top of my lungs.”


It’s giving…sex symbol!


We were also fortunate enough to speak with one man who Rita successfully got under her spell, and what exactly it was that made him fall head over heels in the first place.


“Rita and I had a little fling about three years ago,” 25-year-old Omar McDonald told us. “I first noticed her when I was driving in heavy traffic. I thought I heard an emergency vehicle coming so I tried to pull over, but when I saw that it was Rita who was making the noise all along while she was walking down the street, I just couldn’t look away.”


Rita reportedly has tried using other flirting tactics, but they still don’t hold a candle to her signature technique.


“I haven’t really had any luck with all the ways you’re supposed to flirt,” she said. “I’ve tried flipping my hair, bend-and-snapping, and batting my eyelashes, but nothing would give me the immediate and panicked reaction that I wanted, that is, until I just started pretending to be something no one could ignore even if they tried!”


Looks like Rita isn’t only a sultry femme fatale– she’s also a genius! We’re definitely taking a page out of this deadly temptress’s book.