QUIZ: Is This Sex Position Awesome or Are You Just Not Doing Any of the Work?

Nothing is better for your sex life than trying out a new position or two in bed! But how do you know if the position you like is actually amazing, or if it’s just great because you’re literally just sitting there, not doing anything at all? Take the quiz below to find out if this sex position is actually awesome, or if you’re just not doing jack shit and it’s fucking great.


How relaxed are you right now?

  1. I wouldn’t say I’m relaxed, but I’m having a great time!
  2. I could meditate right now if I really wanted to.


Are you breathing hard?

  1. Yes, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.
  2. Not at all. I’m taking deep, long, and soft breaths actually.


How many times have you gotten a cramp so far?

  1. One or two times, but it’s so worth it!
  2. Oh, I’ve barely moved a muscle, let alone gotten a cramp.


How sweaty is your partner?

  1. Hm, I guess a normal amount for sex? Like about the same as me.
  2. They’re as slick as a dolphin’s back underwater and grunting.


How long could you stay in this position?

  1. Five more minutes tops, unless my legs give out before then. This is requiring a lot more core strength than I thought.
  2. ‘Til I die, probably?





Mostly 1s: Looks like the sex position you chose with your partner is actually super awesome! It seems like both of you put your heads and genitals together to make the ultimate position, and it really paid off! Congrats!


Mostly 2s: While this sex position is great for you, it’s probably because you’re not really doing any of the work, which is totally fine, but no matter how good it feels just try not to fall asleep because it might hurt your partner’s feelings!