Same Sexist Thing Also Happened To Jared If It Makes You Feel Any Better

The workplace is a microcosm of society’s sexism and gender inequalities, so when you left a meeting last week feeling unheard, unseen and disrespected, you couldn’t shake the negativity. But the same exact thing also happened to Jared last week if it makes you feel any better.


After telling him how your company’s CEO ignored you and asked you to take notes during a meeting, making you feel insignificant and undervalued, Jared reminded you that the same exactly thing happened to him when the CEO gave him a kind of so-so response to his pitch. So just so you know, it’s not just you.


According to Jared, if you think about it, women’s rights are human rights and women are people and the same thing can happen to any person so does that help to hear? Does it? Because that’s how Jared explained it and it really makes a lot of sense if you don’t think about it too hard or at all.


In related news, Jared was catcalled last week on his way to work, too. Sure, it was because he was about to walk headfirst into some scaffolding because he was playing that Dots game on his phone, but it just proves that men and women can both be called out to on the street so just chill.


Don’t you feel better now?



Jared agrees that sexism does exist. But he just thinks what he’s had to go through is almost the same because he was told he couldn’t wear board shorts to work.


“Oh yeah I see how that stuff could feel sexist. But like, people are constantly telling me I suck at my job,” said Jared as he settled in for a nap at work. “So it’s probs not because your a girl.”


Since Jared relates to your experience and is also technically your boss, you should probably agree with him.