Real-Life Bridgerton? This Woman Sat Up Straight for the First Time in 10 Years

Talk about bringing the past to life! This week, 27-year-old Angelika Hanson took notes from her favorite Shondaland program, Bridgerton, and sat up straight for the very first time in her adult life.


Wow! We had no idea a television show could inspire change like this!


“When I first watched Bridgerton, I was amazed by the bright colors, attractive people, and just how straight everybody sat up,” says Hanson, who has been in a hunched, slouched position since high school. “I thought, hey, maybe I could do that. And then I did.”


Talk about bringing the past to life!


“At first, I wasn’t even able to mimic what I was seeing on the screen. It was exhausting. My body didn’t know how to do it,” says Angelika. “But after a lot of patient practice, I was like, wow, this feels pretty good.”


Before she knew it, Angelika was practicing an ancient human skill once reserved for our royal ancestors only.


“At first I was exhausted and had to lay down after a few minutes of doing it,” she added. “But after awhile I actually felt taller, more confident, and even a little sexier,” she adds. “I was like, damn, I get why these characters are so horny all the time.”



We stan a woman who overcame the odds to honor what we think is history, sort of!


“Now I think I’m gonna get myself a bodice and an elaborate wig,” she adds. “If they were right about this thing, they must have been right about everything else.”