Brave! This Woman Just Bought a Pound of Shrimp With Zero Plan

Sometimes to make big moves, you have to jump before you’re ready, and no one is living that truth more fully than Nourhan Ahmed who just bought a pound of shrimp with absolutely zero plan as to what she’s going to do with it.


“I guess I’m gonna make some shrimp!” says Nourhan, with only a glimmer of panic in her eyes. “How fast do you think I have to eat them? Do you know?”


Nourhan, who lives alone, did not have any set course of action when she bought a bag of 35 raw shrimp at the store today, which is to say this girl could teach us a thing or two about how to live spontaneously!


“Honestly, I’m not sure I even really like shrimp,” Nourhan says. “I haven’t had them in years, but when I saw them I was just like, ‘Oh, shrimp!’ Anyway, fuck.”


Oh, shrimp indeed!


“So I googled it and I need to finish these in two days,” says Nourhan. “Theoretically, I could freeze them, but then I definitely won’t use them and their small shrimp carcasses will haunt me forever.”


“I could make a huge shrimp stew?” Nourhan adds. “Is that something?”


Nourhan’s not the only one unsure how or why she got herself into this position.


“There’s no way this is going to end well,” says a source close to the story, old friend Olivia Horwitz. “Personally I love shrimp cocktail, but there’s not a good way for us to dine together right now. Eating cold seafood in the park during a covid winter is just too chaotic for me at this time.”



Looks like you’re on your own, Nour.


“I’ll probably just cook it all then eat shrimp until I feel so sick I hopefully remember to never buy shrimp again,” Nourhan says. “At least they’re a good source of protein, right? Fuck it, don’t answer. It doesn’t matter.”


That’s our girl!