QUIZ: What if I Just Lie Down and Close My Eyes for a Moment?

We all know that I am sleepy. Whether this is due to a lack of sleep the night before, a bodily response to existing in American society, or cause unknown, no one can say. Whatever the reason, everyone has wondered from time to time: what if I just lie down and close my eyes for a moment? What then? Take this quiz to find out!


I am feeling a little tired.

a. Now might be a good time for a bit of resting.

b. You think you’re special? Hit the bricks sleep-o.


I do a yawn so big I cry a little. Thoughts?

a. That’s a very big yawn!

b. This big yawn really pisses me off.


What would you say if you caught me dozing in a ray of sunshine?

a. I would simply put my hand over my heart and sigh.

b. “Wakey wakey, bitch! It is time for being awake.”


Close my eyes?

a. Shh-sh-sh-shush.

b. Don’t you fucking dare.


What happens if I am sleeping?

a. I put a warm blanket over your body and a spindly nightcap on your head.

b. “STOP SLEEPING SO MUCH,” you shout with your hands in loathsome little fists.


I fall asleep in the back of the car?

a. I circle the block until you are in REM sleep.

b. The side of the road becomes your bed.





Mostly A’s: I would be supported and protected if I lay down and closed my eyes for a moment. This could be a great option for me in the future, or even right now. Goodnight.

Mostly B’s: It would be a big disaster for me to lie down and close my eyes for a moment due to reasons of “hostility.” This sucks.