QUIZ: Are You a Mary Anne, Claudia, or a 35-Year-Old Woman?

There are so many relatable Baby-Sitter’s Club characters to enjoy! But which one are you really, deeply, at your core? A Claudia? A Mary Anne? Or maybe you’re actually a 35-year-old woman now. Take this quiz to find out!


What would you include in your babysitting “kid kit?”

a.) A book to read.

b.) A coloring book.

c.) A bottle of wine, as always.


A friend is going through a crisis. You…

a.) Start making notes for ways to help.

b.) Start making popcorn. Time for comfort food.

c.) Give her the number for a great therapist who helped your friend through her divorce.


Who do you turn to when times are tough…

a.) Your bff, or maybe your stepsister.

b.) Your bff. You two will do some retail therapy together.

c.) Your therapist. The divorced friend you mentioned above is actually you.


To unwind you like to read…

a.) Anything. You love to read.

b.) Nancy Drew mysteries

c.) Erotica.


If You Got…

Mostly A’s – You’re Mary Anne!
You’re quiet, shy, and bookish. But you’re also the first girl to get a boyfriend!


Mostly B’s – You’re Claudia!
You’re a natural artist whose outfits are iconic. You’re obsessed with junk food.


Mostly D’s – You’re a 35-Year-Old Woman
One might’ve hoped you’d realize a quiz about babysitters characters isn’t for you, but here we are. Don’t forget to do your taxes.