If You Like Shiplap, Then You’ll Love Explaining To Us What Shiplap Is Because We’re Unclear

Do you love the idea of shiplap and the ways it’s used in the places you hear about shiplap? Than can you please tell us what it is?


Why do people keep saying this word?


If you’re one of the people who’s always going on about the beauty of shiplap, then please, for the love of God, tell us what it is.


Is it some kind of plant? Animal? If you love it, please give us a clue, like telling us why you love it or the parts of it you love or just maybe what exactly it is.



A lot of people seem to hear about shiplap on TV shows with hosts who sound like they are from the south? Hosts with names like Jordan? Is this ringing a bell? We weren’t paying attention at the time because we were thinking about something else, but now the word shiplap keeps ringing in our ears and it’s eating away at us.


What is it?! Shiplap. Shiplap. Ship lap?


The seat of a ship? A clown thing?


Ugh, no we can’t Google. That would ruin it. Just tell us.