QUIZ: Should You Try Coke Just, Like, for the Experience?

It goes without saying that cocaine is a highly addictive and dangerous drug that has ruined lives and taken immeasurable tolls on both its users and their loved ones, but should you possibly try it? Just, like, for the experience? Take this quiz to find out!


What if you didn’t pay for the coke?

a.) I would not pay for coke because I would not do coke in any situation.

b.) Seeking out and purchasing coke is so not something I’d do, but if it’s just being offered then, like, why should I suddenly stop following a say yes to life mantra? Plus coke is allegedly fun so that’s sort of compelling.


Is there coke at this party?

a.) I don’t know but it doesn’t affect me whether there is or isn’t.

b.) Well I know Owen wanted some tonight and I think I heard Lillian had it? There she is waiting for the bathroom. Maybe I’ll go in with her, just to chat or whatever.


Do you only live once?

a.) Yes, you’re only given one life on this Earth and you should not take that for granted by endangering yourself.



Did you already do the coke?

a.) No.

b.) Okay, listen, because I’ve never told anyone this before, but I really feel like if I did go into politics, which I don’t want to but if I did, I could be really successful. And that side of me sort of scares me but I think I need to honor it, too. Because I loved communicating with new people and—Hold on, have you seen Lillian? Did she leave? Did Lillian go?



Do you have any more coke?

Wait, how are you the one asking us questions now? How did you do that?




Mostly A’s: You seem pretty anti-cocaine so there’s no point pushing you to try it. Live your truth!


Mostly B’s: You will clearly stop at nothing to “try” coke tonight. But you know, it’s so important to have new experiences, even if it’s pretty similar to that experience you had at that party last month where you weren’t “sure if it’s working” but had a little more fun than usual talking to your friend’s weird roommate. Noses up!