QUIZ: Do You Want a Cat or Just a General Presence in the Home?

Adopting a cat is likely a decades-long commitment, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing it for all the right reasons. Yes, it’s lovely to have a furry friend, but it’s also nice to have anyone or anything in your home – like at all. It’s been feeling a little empty lately! Take this quiz to find out if you actually want a cat or just a general presence around you in the home.


Would you consider yourself a ‘cat person’?

  1. Yes! I love cats. I grew up around them and have wanted one for years. Their quiet majesty enriches my soul. 
  2. Nah, I’m more of a dog person myself. But I asked my landlord if I could have any pets to fill the echoing silence in my home that haunts me when I come home at night and he said “no dogs,” so… I swear I’d be excited to have one!


What’s a typical day like for you?

  1. I wake up around six to make myself breakfast, then I work from home. Perfect for a feline friend!
  2. I wake up, hyper aware of the fact that my house is cold and empty and my life devoid of companionship. I text every single one of my friends to see if they want to come over, but they usually have work, so I leave the house as soon as possible and come back as late as I can. You know, to minimize the time I’m alone with my thoughts! 


What would you name your cat?

  1. Ooh, maybe Gigi! Or Cuddles! Something cute and fun. 
  2. Probably Elaine. Still can’t believe she left me…after four years, too. I wish I never bought that stupid barbecue. I wish we never went to that stupid party. I’d do it all differently this time, I swear. If she’d just give me one more chance…


Do you feel ready to take care of another living being?

  1. Yes! I’m finally financially stable and emotionally mature enough to care for a cat. 
  2. Wait, is the cat not going to take care of me? I thought this was, like, a mutual thing. 


How would you describe your house?

  1. Warm, inviting, and full of fun nooks and crannies. 
  2. Cold, empty, menacing, and foreign to me now post-Elaine. On second thought, it might be haunted? By the memory of her… 




Mostly 1s: You want a cat, and you’re ready for one! Call up your local shelter and enjoy the company of your new friend. Could also be good to get out of the house more, but you do you! 

Mostly 2s: Hey, man. It’s hard out here. People can be cruel. And nights can get lonely. Don’t bring a cat into this. You’re not ready, and you know it. Call Elaine. Try to fix things. And when you’ve fulfilled your need for a general presence in the home, let’s try this again, huh? Also, you have to stop watching When Harry Met Sally.