QUIZ: Is This Cat Chunky, *C H O N K Y*, or Very, Very Sick?

We love cats! Most of all, we love the CHONKY cats on the internet! And we need your help to figure out if this little rescue named Tub Tub is a lil’ chunky, THICC and CHONKY, or very, very sick. Do you think it might be liver disease? Please take this quiz to find out because we’re not super sure.



Is Tub Tub a good boy?

  1. Yes! Tub Tub loves attention and snax!
  2. Tub Tub is a good, thicc boy, but gets a little cranky when he doesn’t get a scritch-scrotch or has to walk to get his food. Oh Lawd, he’s comin’ now!!
  3. He is peeing on the floor. We’re very worried.


Does Tub Tub love a belly rub?

  1. He a heckin’ good boy who will do ANYTHING for rubs!
  2. Tub Tub need a BIG HAND for that BIG HECKIN’ TUMMEH.
  3. Tub Tub has been crying for hours and we don’t know why. Is he hungry? Is he in pain? Can someone call a vet?


Does Tub Tub like to play and run?

  1. Tub Tub loves to play!!!
  2. Tub Tub HATE the water. Why you put him on da water treadmill, fren?
  3. It’s hard to say; Tub Tub has been listless and unmoving on the treadmill; we’re not sure if it’s a lack of willingness or actual illness. His eyes are glazed over and he is staring at the wall.





Mostly 1’s – Tub Tub is chunky!

Tub Tub is a chunky boy who loves to play and eat snax! Good boy, Tub Tub!


Mostly 2’s – WHAT  A  C H O N K

Hold traffic; this cat is an ABSOLUTE UNIT. We stan King Tub Tub, the ultimate sassy C H O N K B O I!!!!


Mostly 3’s – Tub Tub is very sick. Please take Tub Tub to a veterinarian.

Please… this cat is very, very sick. And if you weren’t exploiting him for likes on the internet, you could have taken him to the emergency vet by now. Is this how you would treat a human being, or are animals all just some kind of meme to you?