13 Words: Black Bean Brownie Batter No Wait Please Don’t Close The Door On Me

Hold everything! Here are thirteen words that are going to change your life. Ready? Black. Bean. Brownie. Batter. No. Wait. Please. Don’t. Close. The. Door. On. Me.



Ok, great. Now that I’ve got my foot wedged in your door, I can’t wait to share this incredible new, low-sugar recipe with you. Some people may not be interested in a nontraditional, healthy brownie batter recipe like this, but after you hear these benefits, you’ll be convinced that this is a nutritious and delicious snack, and you’ll definitely stop trying to force the chain lock on your door shut. Wait, hold on…


Ok, ready? Eight more words: Low. Sugar. Hear. Me. Out. It’s. Actually. Good.


These brownies contain just 7 grams per serving. Seven grams! For brownies?? That’s unbelievable. And even though you’re looking at your phone right now, trying not to pay attention, maybe even dialing 911, it’s obvious that you’re a little impressed. Better still, there isn’t a single trans fat in these brownies. So please, try to keep an open mind and listen.


Now, I know, I know. I come to you all the time with fad recipes that attempt to replicate something delicious with something nutritious. You’re clearly tired of it.


But what if you learned that this recipe uses easy-to-get, whole-food ingredients. Would that change your mind and stop you from desperately trying to change the subject? Black beans. Almond butter. Sesame tahini. Stop trying to get me to leave, I want to talk about tahini!


I realize that most of the time when I knock on your door and tell you I’ve found a new source of fiber you say “Sorry, I have to pick up my cat from the vet,” and you’re gone. So thank you for not doing that this time. It shows that you’re willing to listen, and plus I can see your cat on the bed from here. But in all honesty, you won’t believe how much fiber is packed in here. Fiber! In brownies! Please be impressed!


At the end of the day, only two words really matter when it comes to a brownie recipe:


Dee and Lish.


And let me tell you, this recipe is dee-lish and then some! After you try it you’ll be so embarrassed that you tried climbing out your window rather than sit and listen to me describe it!



So there you have it: Thirteen words and your life is changed. I’m sure the reason you’re eagerly shuffling me out of your doorway now is that you just can’t wait to get to the kitchen and try to make this dish yourself. So let me leave you with ten, simple words:


Oop. You. Slammed. The. Door. Knock. Knock. Knock. Hello? Healthy brownies!