Dr. Pimple Popper Reveals Kids Used To Tease Her About Last Name

Popular YouTube star Dr. PimplePopper is opening up about her tortured childhood: She now admits that her peers would taunt her “mercilessly” because of her unfortunate last name.


“They would meet me by my locker, shove their zits in my face, and shout, ‘Pop this one, little baby PimplePopper!’” she said. “They didn’t care that I didn’t have a dermatological license to do that. They just wanted their zits popped. It took years to get over that and learn that I actually had a gift for the practice of popping very large pimples.”


The YouTuber went on to list dozens of other detailed mind games the kids would orchestrate, as well as countless physical ploys due to their dislike for her surname, PimplePopper. She cited classic bullying techniques, such as swirlies, locker-tosses, and gum-chews. Most of all, they told her the name was bad and that she should pop their pimples.


“As an adult, I know they just needed help. Pimples aren’t cute, but they can also hurt if they’re in the wrong place,” she said. “They, like many of us, were desperate for some relief.”


PimplePopper describes the bullying as life altering, saying it “fundamentally changed her path.”


“Ultimately, it’s their constant pimple-squeezing and blackhead-pushing that stoked my curiosity and made me eventually decide to become a YouTube celebrity.”


Now, Dr. Pimplepopper has over six million subscribers on YouTube and a show on TLC. “I have a ton of money now,” she added, almost completely out of nowhere. “A looot of money.”


When asked if she would even use the money to purchase a new last name, she said, “You can do that?”



Every now and then, she says she’ll get a YouTube comment that brings back all of her sad memories. “I’ll get a dumb comment that says, ‘hey, nice name – NOT,’ and suddenly, I’m 13 again, being forced to pop pimples for no money or clout.”


Dr. Pimplepopper says she’s glad it happened to her, in the end. “It made me stronger…wiser.”


“And best of all, it led me to my passion as a pimple popper.”