Oh No! These Kids Just Realized Their Nanny Only Has As Much Power As They Give Her

Working with children can give even the newest nanny a tiny sense of domain. However, that is about to end for 24-year-old nanny Carrie Quill, whose youngest wards have just realized that she only has as much power as they choose to give her!


“When Carrie asked me to do my homework, I just said, ‘You’re not my mom and can’t tell me what to do,” said said 9-year-old Liza. “That’s when I knew I could just do whatever I want.”


Carrie, who has been working with the Sanderfield family for four years, went on to describe her gradual descent into madness since the children learned that she is merely their puppet between the hours of 2 and 6pm.


“They’ve been eating cookies for snacks, they’ve been going way over their 30 minutes of allotted screen time,” Carrie explained. “They’ve even started calling me ‘Larry’, which they find just hilarious. I’ve lost all control.”


“Larry is a piece of shit,” says the 7-year-old Max. “I just learned what that meant at school.”


The Sanderfield kids are having an awakening.


“I always thought that I had to listen to the nanny because she was a grown-up,” said Liza. “But once I spilled something on the floor on purpose and she just cleaned it up, I realized I had so much power.”


“No more homework, only Spongebob!” added Caleb, aged five.


For Carrie, this is her version of hell.



“The kids are perfect angels around their parents, so I’m stuck with the blame when their homework doesn’t get done,” she said. “Raising all of my younger siblings because my parents couldn’t afford childcare has done nothing to prepare me for the realities of raising other people’s rich, entitled kids.”


“I’ve gotta find another family to work for,” Carrie added. “With kids who don’t know their fundamental human rights.”