Bad Feminist? This Woman Forgave Her Father

Father's Day - Reductress

Some people take their feminism seriously, while others disregard it the moment it becomes inconvenient. That’s why we’re gagging over so-called “feminist” Maria Alvarez sharing a series of Tumblr posts in which she details her journey through forgiving her father.


Um, excuse me?! We say “no thank you” to this fair-weather feminism!


“Oh my god, I had no idea,” said Lainie Brewster, a close friend who met Maria when they were in college. “She’s always been such a model feminist. But this? She might have to be cancelled, even if he is her literal father.”


Maria is well known amongst her modest circle of online followers as radical feminist, many of whom are now calling into question just to what extent this self-described intersectional feminist truly means by assigning herself that label.


“She once tweeted that all men are trash,” recalled Margaret Lewis, a skeptical follower. “I’m embarrassed to admit I truly believed she meant that.”


Sam Cho, another one of Maria’s ex followers, agreed.


“I understand that intersectionality makes everyone’s feminism different,” said Sam. “But forgiving a man? That just goes against the fundamental idea of feminism.”


“I don’t know if I can really trust her fully after this,” Sam added.


Maria is frustrated with her followers’ sentiments.


“My dad was battling an addiction my whole childhood, and was abused himself as a child,” said Maria. “He wasn’t a perfect father, but he tried. I’m not saying it’s not still a complicated situation to navigate, but I’d rather work towards forgiveness than spend the rest of my life being angry at someone who has worked very hard to change and become a better person.”


“And of course I don’t expect my mostly white, affluent, two-parent-household-and-after-school-gymnastics followers to understand my situation,” she added. “But he’s my dad.”


But Maria’s followers are unimpressed.



“Like if you don’t forgive Lady Gaga when she apologizes for working with known sexual assaulters, then why would you forgive the man who literally gave you life and raised you to the best of his abilities?” said Reese Tanner, a soon-to-be ex-follower. “I can’t support her with my follow if she’s going to be an apologist.”