Wow! Woman Saves 50% By Guessing Promo Code ‘SPRING’

Hard work pays off! And Carol Hutchinson is no exception: This bank teller from Dubuque, Iowa saved 50% on a recent Gap order by guessing the promo code, “SPRING.”


When asked how she came up with such a prophetic guess, Carol explained, “It’s spring, so I guess I just thought the promo code might be ‘spring.’”


Okay, Carol, fine – keep your cool black magic tricks to yourself, then!


Carol claims she spent only a couple minutes figuring out the promo code. That’s all it took her to single-handedly take down one of the largest online retailers in the United States.


“I saved five dollars on a Swiffer WetJet,” she said. “Now I don’t have to use a mop anymore.”


Although Carol insists she is neither a witch nor a psychic. Carol also denied that her instinct to use all caps for the code was “just a guess based on past experiences” and not some kind of powerful message she channeled from her higher power. “To tell the truth, I think I actually tried lowercase first and when that didn’t work, used all caps.”


Needless to say, Carol has been highly elusive about divulging her tactics behind cracking the code, her motivation, or whether her efforts are being funded by a foreign intelligence service.


“I just really hope I can guess the code for free shipping,” Carol added. “I’m not super sure what it is but I have a few hunches.”