Nice! Mom Still Holding Grudge on Your Behalf

Everyone has at least one personal grudge from childhood or young adulthood that they’ve shared with their parents, and even though you might not remember the specifics after so many years, your mom remembers exactly what Geena did to you 20 years ago.


Aww, how sweet!


After telling your mom that you were meeting up with your high school friend Geena for coffee, she responded, “Really? Even after she didn’t invite you to her 15th birthday party?” which was something that you honestly forgot about until she reminded you about it, and yes, it fucking sucked.


What a supportive mom!



“I really just want to rebuild bridges with people and leave the past behind,” you told reporters. “But it’s also nice to have someone in my corner that still hates Geena and probably always will, even though it doesn’t really matter anymore.”


“Sure, my daughter has lots of nice friends now,” your mom said. “But I’ll never forget how Geena only called her on the landline when she needed something. What, does she think my daughter is her personal servant?!”


“I’m so glad that I don’t have to harbor resentment towards people,” you said. “Because my mom does it all for me, and more!”


At press time, you were telling your mom you finally resolved your fight with your roommate when she told you that you should move in with her instead.