New App Matches Singles With Takeout Places

Dinder is a hot new app designed to match lonely singles with the takeout place of their dreams.


“We’re all trying to find that one perfect taco, especially if we’re not in a loving relationship,” said Samantha Katz, creator of Dinder. “Dinder eliminates the stressful hunt for late-night cuisine and pairs you with the best guac in your area that will sooth your aching loneliness.”



Dinder users are asked to specify their age, gender, the length of time they’ve been single, and how far you’re prepared to travel for that mouth-watering slice of Chicago-style deep dish or mac and cheese with mayo. When Dinder finds restaurants that match your criteria, it places a card on your screen showing that ultimate orange chicken you’ve been looking for to replace the emptiness in your heart.


Like what you see? Swipe right. Not feeling two burritos tonight? Swipe left, and your best friends behind the burrito bar will never know otherwise.


“Finding the right family-sized curry Vindaloo for yourself after 2am is almost as hard as finding a good man,” said Alex Pearson, an avid Dinder user. “I downloaded the app and while I’m still eternally single, I am kept warm by the spicy sauces of Aarpan grill every Friday night!”


Dinder is all about creating a sense of community for those who have none, which is why its messaging function allows users to send encouraging messages to their delivery man.


“Getting messages from these incredibly sad, lonely people motivates me to want to speed up my delivery,” said delivery man Matt Freeman. “And it really makes me appreciate my wife when I get home.”