My Boyfriend’s A Squirter

I Lived it:

Sure, everyone says they’ve made a guy squirt. Truth is? Most people are lying. Or they just think they’re doing it. After years on the dating scene, I was beginning to think it wasn’t real.


But my current boyfriend? Oh yeah. He’s a squirter. In fact, he squirts every time.


Not every guy can squirt. There’s probably a biological component, the way his dick’s shaped or something. But I think there’s also a psychological component. A guy has to feel really comfortable with himself, and with you, to squirt.


I see it all the time in the male squirter porn I watch, but I must’ve slept with over 100 guys before I found one that squirted in real life. (I carve a divot into my bookcase for every guy I’ve “laid”).


I used to think there was something wrong with me. I’d always come before I could get them to squirt. Sure, they’d be nice about it. “I’m tired,” they’d say. “I have a headache.” “I can’t do it without a lot of oral.” The things guys’ll say to make you feel better about not being able to get them to squirt!



But oh baby. My current guy? This guy’s a freak of squirting nature. Squirts every time either of us touches his dick. He loves it. He even squirts before I can come. It’s crazy, the stuff that makes him squirt. Sometimes he just needs to rub his shaft for a minute or two, and blammo.


Sure it’s hot dating a boy who can squirt, but believe me, the cleanup can be a pain. At first we’d roll down a latex shield over his penis to keep it from getting all over my insides—yuck! Now we always have a towel on hand, or at least a t-shirt, to wipe up all the mess. Sometimes we even have to shower after to get the squirt juice off of us. I love my squirtin’ guy, but yikes! That stuff goes everywhere!


You never made a guy squirt? Don’t feel bad. It takes time. Some guys you really gotta finesse, put in the extra work. Guys like it when you take them out to a romantic dinner, get them flowers, put their dick in your mouth, stuff like that. Gets their squirtin’ juices flowin’.


I know what you’re thinking. “This girl’s full of it. She can’t make a guy squirt. That’s impossible. She probably thinks her guy is squirting, but it’s really just a little bit of pee or something.”


Yeah. Sometimes it’s pee. But sometimes, it’s 100% squirt, baby.