4 Mocktails That Honestly Aren’t As Good As Diet Coke So Why Bother

Young people are drinking less than ever, and crafted non-alcoholic cocktails are becoming all the rage! If you’re looking to go sober or just decrease your alcohol intake, here are five classy mocktail recipes that will never, ever come close to the original mocktail, Diet Coke. Face it; you know nothing comes even close.


Seedlip Spice and Tonic

Take 2 oz. of Seedlip spice, star anise, tonic syrup and tonic to make this delicious and refreshing alcohol-free cocktail. Garnish with a cinnamon stick for presentation – then put it down and crack open an ice-cold can of the perfect beverage, Diet Coke. Seriously, why would anyone even try to do better than this? Why?


Shirley Ginger

Try this twist on a classic using lemon-lime ginger beer, lime, grenadine, and soda water and garnish with a cherry for a fun drink that will take anyone back to childhood. Unless you spent most of your childhood drinking Diet Coke every night at dinner and with most other meals – in that case, quit wasting time with this bullshit and mainline the Diet Coke instead.


Virgin Watermelon Margarita    

Combine fresh watermelon and juice with agave nectar and lime to create the perfect summer treat – unless it’s too hot to fuck with that. You have a 24-pack of Diet Coke sitting in the fridge right now. Seriously, don’t waste time. You know how this is gonna end.



Mango Mule

Switch up the classic mule recipe by subbing in mango puree and honey syrup for vodka for a bold sweet and spicy flavor. But if you’re dropping alcohol to cut back on calories, then seriously, what the fuck are you doing? Have you heard of Diet Coke? It will probably kill you in another way but no other artificial flavor on this earth will ever taste as good. This is a good way to die.


If you’re looking to drink less, good for you! You can enjoy hangover-free mornings and happier days with these delicious mocktails, or just circle back to the one thing that’s been a constant in your life since day one – Diet Coke. It’s up to you to decide.