Miley Cyrus Copies Rihanna with Song About Chris Brown

From her edgy haircut to her “black” aesthetic, it seems Miley Cyrus has taken to copying Rihanna’s every move. But this time the ex-Disney star may have gone too far: her latest single contains lyrics, which appear to be a step-by-step account of the Barbadian beauty’s controversial relationship with R&B artist Chris Brown:


Kiss and make up at the VMAs

You had me with that hit in the face


Is the single, “Restrain U,”  using Rihanna and Brown’s relationship as inspiration? “I don’t need to explain myself. I’m just trying to be me,” said Cyrus after being forcibly removed from an Essence Magazine gala.


The video has sparked widespread criticism for its poor taste and offensive content: taking place in a courtroom, Cyrus grinds against an oversized gavel next to a 20-something black male with an exact replica of Brown’s neck tattoo as she sings:


Tattooed it on your neck and I still loved you,

Some say I’m crazy but you’re my first true boo

I’m your girl RiRi forever true.


“We admit – Miley and Rihanna have happen to have a lot in common,” says Cyrus’ publicist. When asked what that was exactly, she mentioned the “similarities in their upbringing.”


Former country star and dad Billy Ray Cyrus countered this theory, saying “[Restrain U] is actually about me. ‘You’re my first true boo?’ You’re telling me that’s not about a father-daughter relationship?”


Two hours later, Miley tweeted, “Having major #daddyissues 2day,” accompanied by a picture of herself dressed as a dominatrix.