5 Thanksgiving Outfits to Make Your Mother-in-Law Say, ‘Dear Let Me Take You Shopping’

Thanksgiving is a great excuse to let loose and enjoy your favorite foods in the comfort of family and friends, but if you’re spending it with your husband’s much wealthier family, it’s also an opportunity to get unsolicited comments from your mother-in-law on your appearance. If you’re going to have to listen to her opinions, why not use her concern trolling to your advantage by creating an opportunity for her to buy you stuff? Here are five Thanksgiving outfits that’ll make her say, “Honey, let me take you to Nordstrom tomorrow and we can get something nice.”


A Tattered Old Hoodie

You’re probably gonna wear a hoodie to Thanksgiving anyways, so why not wear your most tattered hoodie to take her reaction from “Oh, wow, I guess we’re not being fancy this year” to “Maybe I should take you shopping tomorrow?” Let her concern for her son’s image work for your wardrobe and find a sweater that you both can agree on and completely out of your normal price range!


A Short Dress

If you want to show her that you’re “trying” to look nice in spite of your questionable upbringing, wear a dress that will make her stop in mid-meal and tell you it’s “way too short.” Just an inch shorter than your fingertips and she’ll be saying, “Maybe we should do a girls shopping trip, just the two of us?” Now you can finally take her up on a bonding opportunity!


Old Sneakers

Nothing says, “I didn’t realize my appearance was supposed to matter right now” like a pair of running sneakers when you’re not currently exercising. If your mother-in-law is the type who expects “proper” footwear at an at-home family dinner, these sneaks might be your chance to get the new pair of shoes you desperately need!



If you’re really in need of new clothes, why not go for the gold and just wear sweatpants to dinner? If your mother-in-law offers to take you shopping – awesome! If she doesn’t, you’ve got the perfect pair of stretchy pants to fill your belly and spill gravy all over yourself. It’s the reason for the season!



A Shirt that Your Belly is Bursting Out of

If your mother-in-law is the type to offer unsolicited dieting tips, a short shirt that your stomach is hanging out of might be a way to kill two birds with one stone – proving that you DGAF while also getting her to buy you some longer, warmer shirts for winter. Make her fear of visible midriff work for you by getting some pricey new clothes that only a retired baby boomer can afford!


It might be stressful getting judged by your husband’s mom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get her to buy clothes for you! Now you TRULY have something to be thankful for!