Man Making Fun of Your Every Move Not Sure Why You’re in Bad Mood

After an afternoon spent mocking truly everything you do and are, your friend Nate Cooke reportedly didn’t understand why you seemed to be in a bad mood.


Sources say you decided to grab some lunch with him after a long time apart, but quickly remembered why you two don’t hang out.


When you walked in, he said he was surprised you were “on time, for once.” The comments continued as the lunch went on.


First, you laughed at one of his jokes and he observed you laugh “like a seal.” Then when you were a little bit short with him, he had the audacity to ask what was wrong.


“I didn’t know I’d be going to my own roast,” you added.


Other friends of Cooke confirmed he has a habit of making snarky comments, ignoring people’s discomfort, and then acting annoyed and surprised by his friends’ reactions.


“Last week, he asked if I wanted to go on a walk with him,” said friend Lucy Palomi. “And then he spent the whole time telling me I walk like a rodeo clown,” Palomi said. “When I got kind of quiet, he asked if all the walking was tiring me out.”


When asked about his tendency to mock, Cooke seemed unfazed.


“My friends are cool. They don’t take it personally,” he claimed. “They know it’s all in good fun. Friends rib each other!”


Despite this claim, you confirmed that he takes any and all criticism personally.


“I noticed his shirt was one button off and pointed it out,” you said. “He immediately turned red and didn’t speak for five minutes.”



“Then I tried to ask the waitress for a refill and my voice cracked,” you added. “He laughed about that for ten minutes.”


Cooke maintained that he enjoyed his afternoon with you anyway.


“I had a wonderful time with her,” said Cooke about you. “I hope she’s okay, though. She seemed a little down. Maybe her face just looks like that, though.”