Facebook Friend Seeks Consolation Over Issue She Refuses to Disclose

In a developing story, Lindy Woolen has taken to Facebook to seek consolation over a personal issue that she’s facing, while refusing to disclose or even hint at what that issue might be.


“UGH!! I don’t even know why I try anymore,” Lindy posted. “Going through a lot right now. Could really use a friend or some inspirational quotes right now.”


Despite an influx of other Facebook users who left words of support and inquiries as to what exactly was wrong, Lindy has remained a guarded fortress, fiercely protecting whatever it is that’s bothering her.


“Look, I don’t wanna talk about it,” she replied to any and all comments, disregarding the fact that she was the one who brought it up on a public forum. “I like to keep my business to myself.”


“Besides, nothing could help me feel better right now,” she added, ostracizing the very friends she requested in the first place.


Lindy’s Facebook friends are justifiably confused.


“She keeps posting about how upset she is, but whenever somebody comments on her status reaching out to see what’s wrong, she shuts them down,” explained Sunny Nguyen, Lindy’s summer camp friend “At this point, I have no idea if someone in her family was murdered or she just like, had a bad day at work.”


“If she’s looking for consolation or a shoulder to cry on even just a pep talk, I’d be happy to do any of that,” added Maggie Woolen, Lindy’s cousin. “But like, what is she trying to accomplish?”


“You’ve already been openly sad on Facebook, just tell us what the hell is wrong,” Maggie then posted in the comments.


But for Lindy, it’s not that simple.



“I’m just not one to air my dirty laundry to the world,” commented Lindy, on her own status airing her dirty laundry to her 2,136 Facebook friends. “I don’t need everyone being nosy.”


“But, like, I’m having a really hard time right now. And it sucks that I don’t have even one friend that cares to help me through it,” she added.