Male Feminists Who Are Hot, Thank God

When you’re looking for the best male feminists, you’re not just looking for good minds, you’re also on the hunt for sexy bodies. These sweet celebrities opened their sexy face holes to drop some wokeness on the rights of women and didn’t sacrifice any of their babe-ness in the pro-cess. Here are male feminists who believe in your rights to your body, but also look like they’ll do your body right. Damn!


Ryan Gosling

We need all men to be feminists, but it’s particularly dope when the hot ones decide to join the cause. I’ll grip your manhood like my life depends on it, RyRy. Thank God you’re on this list.


Matt McGorry

Matt McGorry is on the front lines of feminism—and the front lines of my “Celebs I’d Like to Fuck” list. It’d kind of be a bummer if he wasn’t cute, but just look at him! Call me whenever you need a lady to help create society with, Mattycakes!


Joseph Gordon Levitt

This is a greation definition, and speaking of definitions, I’m defining Joseph Gordon Levitt as a MFILTF: male feminist I’d like to fuck, Yeah, baby! It’s much easier to listen to people’s opinions when they have a gorgeous face, so it’s good that this one’s a real looker.



John Legend

Talk about a legend. At first when I read this quote, I was like, uh-oh, was the person who said this ugly? But then I saw it was John Legend, who is literally a dynamite dreamboat. Teach me your ways, Johnny boy!


Alan Alda

This hot-ass bae has been woke since the 70s. And he’s still cute enough that I’m willing to lis-ten to what he has to say.Vintage!


There you have it! The hottest male feminists in Hollywood! Thanksfor making dudes feel slight-ly less uncomfortable with the word feminism, ya hunks! It’s much more exciting to listen to you guys since you’re such dreamboats. Yay equality!