Body Cam Proves Another Black Man’s Innocence

The filming of police brutality has proven the innocence of men like Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and now a perpetually turned-on camera has captured the innocence of another black man: Kanye West.


West, who was accused of not checking with Taylor Swift about the lyrics of his song “Famous,” was proven innocent after a video of his conversation with Swift was released on Kim Kardashian West’s Snapchat last night.


“This is why it’s important for people to film potentially volatile situations,” fan Gia Theodorou says. “Otherwise it becomes an issue of he-said, she-said and the wrong people get away with things.”


Fortunately, the ever-vigilant Kim Kardashian has a camera on her at all times.



Even with a video, there are some who deny what is clearly presented. “He never told her about the “that bitch” line!”, Swift truther Cammie Potter says. “Taylor is the victim here, somehow.”


When asked to comment on the difference between the “character assassination” of Swift by West versus that of Swift’s ex-boyfriends and Katy Perry in her various songs, tens of thousands of Swift fans screamed, “BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT!”



At press time, Taylor Swift was unavailable for comment as she was rocking back and forth in a quiet room singing “Bad Blood” to herself.