B’Oréal Launches Line of Anti-Bullying Makeup for Young Girls

L'Oreal Bullying

In an effort to help young girls who are bullied, B’Oréal has launched Tolérance, a new line of junior cosmetics that gives young girls the confidence they need to stop bullying where it starts: their inferior appearance and demeanor.


“We are staunchly anti-bullying and want to support the cause by teaching girls to hide their pain with a shiny, happy façade,” said brand spokeswoman Danielle Barnett. “We want young girls to look and feel less like the kind of pathetic losers who deserve to be bullied.”


Products from the line include True Teen Eyeshadow, which comes in a Cool Girl Blue, Popular Girl Pink, and Skinny Girl Silver. Also successful is the No Tears Mascara in Bounce Back Black.


B’Oréal’s efforts to end bullying go beyond the product line itself; half of the product’s proceeds will go toward major charity events for young girls who have been bullied. At these events, bullied girls will be given full makeovers and learn to avoid talking about weird stuff like books in front of normal people.



“They put lipstick and stuff on me and gave me a pink iPhone case with jewels on it,” said Abigail, age 11. “Girls at my school have cases like this. It doesn’t really fit my Samsung though.”


Kristen Stewart has signed on as the face of the campaign, claiming she’s found solace in B’Oréal beauty products over the years and wants to share that comfort with young girls. “I used to get made fun of a lot because I’m so shy and awkward. But with makeup on, people see that same behavior as sexy and brooding.”


“We’re so happy to have Kristen on board with us,” writes B’Oréal’s spokeswoman Danielle Barnett. “She really epitomizes our vision of how young girls can respond to bullying. Because you can change your appearance and project confidence, even when you feel terrible inside. Makeup provides a protective shell against the harshness of the world. Luckily girls can use these products to separate themselves from the difficulties that only the very ugly should have to deal with.”


The Tolérance line has gained such rapid popularity that B’Oréal is thinking about launching a similar hair-care line for male victims of bullying. Barnett wrote us, “A lot of these boys you see getting bullied, their hair is just disgusting, so it’s no wonder what they’re going through. A line of hair-care products could be really beneficial to them.”