Laura Accepts Scholarship From Her Parents

The small town of Sharon, Massachusetts rejoiced yesterday as 18-year-old high school student, Laura Wayne, accepted a full scholarship to Pace University in New York City from her parents. Laura proudly accepted the scholarship as she was getting ready to go out for the night.


“Laura attended all four years of high school, learned how to play four songs on the clarinet and retook Calculus one summer. We couldn’t be more proud,” said Laura’s father, Anthony Wayne.


“And even though she hasn’t decided on a major, we know she’s going to excel at whatever she chooses and that’s why she’s the recipient of our one-time scholarship award of $240,000.”


“I really can’t believe it,” said Laura, beaming, “Going to the first 10 minutes of yearbook meetings really paid off.”


With an 1850 SAT score and an average GPA of 3.1, Laura unfortunately didn’t qualify for Pace University’s President’s scholarship, but her parents recognized potential in her. “I’m so lucky to have found an organization that really sees what I’m capable of doing,” Laura said.



After looking at all of the programs offered at Pace University, Laura says she’s narrowed down her major options and has decided to pursue either Nursing, Musical Theatre, or Psychology.


When asked to comment on the scholarship, Laura’s guidance counselor, Mrs. Bernhard, said quite simply, “I can’t seem to find the file for that student.”


Wayne is only the second recipient of this scholarship, originally started by her parents to support her older sister, Lindsay Wayne. Lindsay studied communications at Baylor University for a semester before transferring to a general studies program at a community college closer to home.


The scholarship promises to pay for Laura’s tuition, room and board, book fees, and transportation fees. The scholarship also includes a $600 per month stipend for extracurricular activities.


“It’ll be nice to just focus on my studies and really experience life in New York,” says Laura. “I hear weed is more expensive there.”