Katie Successfully Restructures Bad Idea Into ‘Adventure’

Chicago resident Katie Lutz impressed her friends this week after successfully restructuring a terrible idea into what she now considers an “adventure.”


Around 1am on Thursday, Lutz suggested the friends break into her neighbor’s pool, the response was tepid and cautious. Witnesses say that friends immediately stiffened, citing the illegality of trespassing and that “it’s pretty cold, anyway.”


Yet Lutz was able to reframe the proposal, moving away from friend Penny Flores’ “bad idea” branding to the more positive perspective that it would be an adventure.


“Come on, what’s the worst that can happen?” Lutz reportedly said, playfully inching towards the back door. “Before we know it, we’re gonna be too old to climb fences. Shouldn’t we just seize the day?”


According to reports, Lutz was surprisingly convincing and more friends agreed that a late night swim would be fun.


“The way she said it, I was suddenly getting excited,” Flores says. “I was like, an adventure? Sign me up!”


“At first I was like, no, I don’t want to swim in your neighbor’s grody pool and get yelled at for it,” says friend Olive Grey, “But then as soon as she said ‘adventure,’ I was totally in. I’m no wet blanket!”


This is not the first time Lutz has attempted to convince her friends to make questionable choices in the name of a good thrill.


“One time when we were kids, she got me to jump off a roof,” sister Bonnie Lutz says. “All because she was like, ‘Don’t you want to have an experience?’ Man, she’s good.”


Lutz is aware of her impressive sway.


“People like to tell me I have bad ideas, but I think they’re just opportunities,” she says. “Besides, people have only broken bones because of my so-called ‘bad ideas’ three times.”



At press time, someone was looking for a first aid kit after Grey cut her hand on the fence.


“It’s fine,” says Lutz. “Besides, a trip to the hospital is an adventure!”