Flirty First Date Lip Stains That Say, ‘I’m Ambitious, But I Won’t Outshine You’

First dates are all about putting yourself out there without overwhelming him! Whether you’re meeting a charming full-time dog walker or a sexy stud who lives at home, don’t be afraid to bring your boldest self in a way that’s not too bold. Pucker up and let that sexy stranger know that you’ll always be pretty and sparkly but never in a way that steals his limelight!


Korres Lip Butter in Peachy Pomegranate, $121 Korres lip butter

This luscious balm will keep your lips plump and juicy while you quietly nod as your date describes his dream of completing a tri-borough tour with his high school ska band! So what if you are researching a yeast that may cure cancer! He he doesn’t need to know that, you saucy minx! This bright shade will wow him while you whisper something vague like, “Tell me more about your band!!!” Fellas love a little shimmer and a little bit of you taking a backseat to their pride!



Stila Lip & Cheek Stain in Cherry Crush, $242 stila lip and cheek stain

This lip stain’s texture is smooth and buildable. If you need a break from listening to your date describing the tattoo-recommendation app he started building in 2013 but never finished because, surprise-surprise, coding is tricky, slip off to the bathroom and add an extra layer of this sensual red hue. When he asks about the oil painting series he peeped on your Instagram stay coy—“Oh those little doodles?” Yeah you’ve been painting since you were 9, and sure you have a little gallery show coming up, but now you can let this lip color do the talking for you, and it says that your painting’s really more of a hobby and will never overshadow his achievements!



Benefit Posietint in Fuschia, $303 benefit posie tint

If you’re a savvy investor with a portfolio to match, you’ll love this tint since it packs plenty of bang for your buck! Just a touch and you’ll be rocking a powerful pink lip that’s also totally delicate and feminine. This playful shade will send your date all the right signals, mostly that you’re a lady who’s been meticulously managing her finances for years but you still need to be taken care of by someone like him. Luckily, this guy has big ideas for trying stand up comedy and thinks he’d be really good! That’s cool! Oh he’s making a joke about how the PBR and a shot special is so overpriced that it’s almost like sexual assault? Ha ha, wow that’s so funny you’ve never thought of it that way before! Now blow a kiss!



Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge in Satin Soft Pink, $24.004 makeup forever aqua rouge

This fun floral tint is outgoing but quiet—just like the you that you bring to your dates! This stain is for someone who is not afraid to be seen and go after what she wants. Roll it on and alluringly bite your bottom lip while your date describes that time his friends dared him to eat two large meatlover pizzas and then he did! Yeah, this was your third year at Tough Mudder and you beat your time by six seconds, but you better just tell him through your rosy lips that it was a fun group activity that you’ll never burden an entire conversation with when he has something to say.




Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain in Corail Aquatique $365 yves saint laurent glossy stain

If you feel like indulging after a big promotion that you worked years to earn, look no further than this lustrous stain. It’s the Cadillac of lip stains, and girl, you deserve it! Just don’t forget to indulge your date’s ego. You may be a young CEO but your date is a young idea machine and there’s no telling when one will become a reality. The problem is he has so MANY ideas, like seriously so many a day and he’s stuck at this very well paying job that his dad’s friend got him. Show him concern and plenty of empathy. Your lip color won’t fade, even if you spend a full hour on the date telling him you think he’s brave.



Whether you like pinks, reds, or oranges, a bold lip is the perfect accessory! It lets your date know that you’re a take-charge kind of gal, but in a totally non-threatening way. Just don’t forget to use at least three or four tissues to blot the top layers of your lip stain and tuck your brash opinions away, lest he feel eclipsed by your beauty!