It’s the Little Things in Life, Like Knowing Your Family is Getting Enough Fiber

Me Time for Mom:

In my years as a parent, I’ve learned that it’s not about making it to the big soccer game, parent teacher conferences, or knowing whether your child has a rare genetic disorder – It’s about the little things, like knowing your family is getting enough fiber.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped in the middle of a hectic day, running around doing errands and shuttling my kids from place to place, and smiled to myself in the knowledge that, “Hey, those kids, me and my husband, we’re all full of fiber, and we’re gonna be alright.”


Sure, it takes a little more effort in meal planning to feel secure in knowing your family has enough fiber in their diet, but any mom who has ever read the back of a cereal box will tell you that the payoff is worth it.



When I think back on the sleepless nights I had before I nailed down this fiber thing, I wonder who I even was back then. Because when your family is getting enough fiber, you are truly happy, and happiness is really everything, right? Do you remember the last time you sat down on the toilet and really emptied your bowels? Like completely? Do you remember how liberating that felt? How light and carefree you were afterward? My family has that feeling every day. And not just once a day either. Multiple times per day.


Do you see what I’m getting at? It’s that little moment that really makes everything all right.


Sure, my family can’t go on long hikes without taking the baby wipes along, but are you really even in nature if you’re not making yourself a part of it?


And yes, my children’s friends find my meals somewhat taxing on their underserved digestive systems, but I can’t be held accountable for what their moms aren’t giving them.


If another mom wants to give me a weird look when I drop my kid off for a play date with a bag of celery and a spoonful of Benefiber mixed into their water bottle, then so be it. At the end of the day, it’s those little things in life that keep me sane. And if Mom’s happy, everyone’s happy! Everyone.


For all the exhausted moms out there: take a moment to slow down, look at your family’s beautiful, shining faces, and appreciate all the fiber they’re getting. And if they’re not getting enough, take a moment to make that happen. You won’t regret it. Because it’s the little things that make your day brighter.


I’m gonna have to end this here, because nature is calling, and my happy life awaits me! Stay regular!