Is Your Soulmate Already Dead?


There’s somebody out there for everybody – one perfect match out of seven billion people, created just for you. But if you haven’t found him after all this time it might be because he’s already dead. There’s no way to know for sure, but here are some hints to help you figure out if your one chance at true happiness is already gone from this world forever.


Has Love Been Difficult for You?

You’ve dated great guys and even been in love a few times, but fights still popped up. Big deal? More like the biggest deal. The love that exists between two people destined for each other should be effortless. Trouble in paradise doesn’t mean you need to communicate better, it means he’s just second fiddle to your one true love who was probably hit by a car before you even met him.


Do Your Friends Think He’s Flawless?

Your friends and family love him. They say he’s amazing, they say he’s great, but they never say, “He’s perfect.” You probably think to yourself, “Nobody is,” but you’re wrong. One person is, and his name is Mr. Right. Your friends can praise him all they want, but until you hear them use the P word, it’s a safe bet that the man you were meant to be with probably fell off a building 15 years ago.


Do You Sometimes Feel Sad?

Who could possibly be sad when they’re with the person who was literally made for them? The very fact that you ever feel anything but overjoyed at all times is a surefire sign that your significant other is just a sad replacement for a man who’s already shuffled off this mortal coil. You might say to yourself, “But everybody gets sad at some point.” But no, they don’t. Only people whose one perfect love is long since dead from a freak gas fire accident get sad. It’s time to face the truth – you missed your shot.


Do You Daydream of Somebody Else?

Sure, you love you boyfriend or husband with all your heart, but sometimes you still fantasize about other men. That would happen no matter who you were with, right? Wrong. People who’ve met their soulmate never imagine anybody else. The mind only wanders when we settle for a man whose biggest asset is being alive. Your fantasizing is just another symptom of having a perfect match who was killed in a murder suicide, or fell into a volcano as a teenager.



Do You Have Doubts?

You’re in love, you’re happy, and this guy might be the one. Wait a minute; might be? The fact that such a word even snuck its way into your thoughts means he’s not meant for you. Sorry, but there’s no room for doubt in an unblemished union crafted by the heavens themselves. If you’re unsure that he’s the one, you can be sure that the one is already dead, maybe from drowning in a non-water liquid, like dry ice, or pancake mix.


Your one chance at everlasting happiness is dead and gone. Maybe he died in a tragic accident or maybe he never even made it out of the womb. Now what? It’s time to get back out there and meet the second best person in the entire world for you. You’ll settle, fall mostly in love, and live happily for a pretty good amount of time. Just remember – if it starts to feel difficult or in any way not as perfect as you’d hoped, maybe it’s because the second best person in the world for you is already dead, too.