Incredible! This Woman Turned Tomorrow’s Lunch Into Today’s Night Pasta

In a demonstration of radical self-care, Penelope Wells grabbed the Tupperware of pasta intended for lunch tomorrow and, instead, devoured it as night pasta.


It’s incredible that this woman was willing to indulge in a whole tub of pasta at the cost of sabotaging her next day’s lunch plans!


“I tried to save it for lunch tomorrow,” says Penelope. “But the portion I had for dinner a couple hours ago was so good that when midnight rolled around I got greedy and ate more.”


Penelope recently made a resolution to bring food to work with her instead of ordering in. This effort to save money has proved difficult as she’s made a habit of guzzling down monstrous portions of pasta soon after she puts them away in the fridge.


Only once has Penelope made it through the night without grabbing the meal intended for lunch the next day.


“It was definitely a victory to finally leave the house with a full portion of pasta in hand,” says Penelope. “I did end up eating my fusilli around 10 AM and then ordering another lunch. But hey, baby steps!”


People who know Penelope have caught on to her nighttime fridge raids of tomorrow’s lunches.


“Whenever Penelope says she’s making meals for the week I want to support her,” says Daria Castello, Penelope’s best friend. “But she consistently dives into the dishes she set aside for the next day. I’m not sure she should continue making herself these large portions.”


“I told Penelope if she’s struggling financially she should bring in lunch from home,” says Lydia Derwin, Penelope’s coworker. “To that she said, ‘I’m not ready to say goodbye to my night pasta.’ What’s night pasta?”


“She’s not just eating the lunches she’s set aside for herself,” says Tom Frieder, Penelope’s boyfriend who lives with her. “She’s also eating my lunches that I set aside. I mean, does my lunch really need to be her stroke of midnight teriyaki salmon?”


Nonetheless, Penelope is praising herself for her resourcefulness.


“Anyone can walk into work with a bowl of pasta primavera they made the night before,” says Penelope. “But who can walk into the living room with a bowl of pasta primavera and say ‘I know this was meant for tomorrow, but I want it now!’ I’m changing the game.”


Okay girl, but we don’t want to play!