Wow! This Guy Stepped Outside To Take A Business Call And Was Still Loud Enough To Be Heard Inside

When it comes to doing business, some men can act like total sharks with complete disregard for others. But not all businessmen are selfish, money-hungry tools: In an effort to not disturb the rest of the office, accountant Max Stern stepped outside into the lobby to take a business call and still managed to speak loud enough to be heard by all of his co-workers.


Wow! We are truly amazed by Stern’s half-assed attempt at being a thoughtful guy!


“I normally just take the call, right then and there, no matter the circumstances or my environment,” said Max. “But this time, I decided to pause, step out, and yell at this guy in the lobby so I wouldn’t disturb anyone.”


Max, who is unaware that him speaking at full volume completely cancels out his effort of stepping away from the office to take the call, went on to explain his strategy.


“Speaking as loudly and confidently as possible is crucial to earning respect,” explained Max at a deafening volume. “But I realize that a lot of my coworkers are busy, so I make sure I do it on the other side of this very thin wall.”


Almost all of Max’s co-workers disagree with his methods.



“There’s absolutely no reason for Max to be having such loud, dramatic work calls,” said Nancy Johnson, who works across the hall from Max. “There’s literally nothing that happens at this company that requires yelling.”


After hearing what Nancy had to say, Max was quick to point out that he holds a higher position than her, despite being at the company for less time. “She probably just doesn’t understand how that call was. Didn’t she notice that I shut the door?”


Well, if Nancy won’t, then we will: Thank you, Max! You’re an inspiration to us all!