Amazing! This Woman Waited Until She Reached Peak Rage To Eat Lunch

In a feat of heroism, 29-year-old Laurie Franco waited until she was her most hungry and angry before deciding to eat her lunch today.


We’re amazed she let herself become a hangry terror when she could have eaten anything to calm herself down!


“I could have had a protein bar or something,” says Laurie. “But sometimes I want to see just how fucking angry I can get before I dive into my meal, which obviously immediately improves my mood.”


Laurie either orders delivery or brings her own lunch everyday. However, she vows to order Seamless or grab her Tupperware when and only when she’s reached her most pissed off point. Although the office manager makes a point to provide a shelf of snacks for anyone to grab throughout the day, Laurie insists on suffering until she’s reached her boiling point and sent at least one angry email.


“I’m not here to play it safe,” insists Laurie. “I’m sorry if my mood changes drastically and I’m no fun to be around when I’m enraged, but I’m not changing anytime soon.”


Laurie’s coworkers are well-aware that their best bet is to steer clear of her around lunchtime.


“We never schedule meetings until we see Laurie microwaving her lunch or signing for her delivery,” says Charles Winter, a coworker. “Once she’s taken a few bites and the sugar hits her bloodstream, then we can make company-wide decisions, but never before she’s eaten lunch. We’ve made that mistake before.”



“One time she snapped at me for wearing tights and I cried,” says Bea Patrice, another coworker. “Now, I keep my eyes down until I get the go-ahead from Charles that she’s had lunch.”


Two coworkers were too shaken up to comment after Laurie tried to fired them at noon. Her lunch reportedly arrived an hour later.


“She doesn’t even have the power to fire people,” says Charles. “She tried to fire her own boss.”


“This is how I choose to live my life,” says Laurie. “If you don’t like it, no one is asking you to deprive yourself from lunch until you get so mad you throw your computer at the wall.”


Wow, we definitely won’t do that!